You're planning an event—a wedding, a birthday party, maybe a graduation—and you need a DJ. But, you're shocked by the price. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a DJ!? MiniDJ is the easy, professional, and fun answer to your DJ dilemma, all for less than $200!

The only thing mini is the price.

Professional equipment, huge music selection, pre-programed playlists (in many different music genres) and even karaoke at no extra charge. It's not only easy, and affordable to be the DJ at your own event, it's also tons of fun!

Worried about doing it yourself? Don't be, we've done the work for you. We've operated a premium (i.e. expensive) traditional mobile DJ service for over 20 years and performed at hundreds of high end events. With our extensive experience, we've designed every MiniDJ system to give you the tools and technology to have the event you deserve without spending a fortune.

MiniDJ is the revolutionary new way to book a DJ. With a mobile DJ you can spend $1000 or more and you still never know what you'll get. With MiniDJ, you'll pay less and have more fun!

Sometimes less (money) is more.

If you’ve started searching for mobile DJs, you probably already know that the cost can be outrageous—hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just a few hours. MiniDJ is a fraction of the cost . Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? So what’s the catch?

MiniDJ is different. With MiniDJ, we provide the music, professional equipment, karaoke, and professionally programmed playlists. You provide the DJ. But what if you don’t have a DJ? No problem! With the MiniDJ system, anyone can be the DJ. We’ve packaged decades of DJ experience into a system that fits in the trunk of your car, sets up in under five minutes, and can run itself all night long. Plug it in, press play, and have a great time—all while saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars!