Weddings, parties, and special events all need entertainment. But who wants to pay hundreds, even thousands for a DJ? MiniDJ is the easy, professional DJ alternative that brings karaoke, professional sound, music, and fun delivered to your event for under $300!

What is MiniDJ?

Is it a portable audio (PA) system, a karaoke machine, or a just bunch of music and playlists? It's all of those things…plus so much more! MiniDJ is a custom designed portable entertainment system packed with professional audio equipment, over 30,000 songs, karaoke, DJ curated playlists and mixes, wireless mics, and more. We've packaged it all up in a sleek and compact console that we've designed and built from the ground up. We've made it incredibly simple to use with no knobs, buttons, or faders to worry about—just a massive touchscreen with a simple, custom interface. If you can use a smartphone, you can use MiniDJ. Looking to add a little extra excitement to your event? We even offer professional dance lighting as an affordable add-on!

5 Minutes to Party!

Worried about doing it yourself? Don't be, we've done the work for you. We've operated a premium (i.e. expensive) traditional mobile DJ service for over 20 years and performed at hundreds of high end events. With our extensive experience, we've designed the MiniDJ system to plan a whole night's entertainment in 5 minutes! Pick from some of the 40+ DJ created (and tested) playlists, add in a few of your favorites from our massive music library, and press play…thats it. Ready for some karaoke? Grab a mic and sing along to the on-screen lyrics, available on thousands of songs, that display automatically! It's so simple and fun, your guests (and wallet) will thank you!

Sometimes less (money) is more.

If you've searched for mobile DJs, you probably already know that the cost can be outrageous—hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just a few hours. MiniDJ is a fraction of the cost. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? So what’s the catch? With MiniDJ, we provide the music, professional equipment, karaoke, and DJ created playlists. You provide the DJ. But what if you don’t have a DJ? No problem! MiniDJ is so simple to use, it only takes minutes to add enough music to the playlist for your entire event! We’ve packaged decades of DJ experience into a system that fits in the trunk of your car, sets up in under five minutes, and can run itself all night long. Pick some music, press play, and have a great time—all while saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars!