Weddings, parties, and special events all need entertainment. But who wants to pay hundreds, even thousands for a DJ? MiniDJ is the easy, professional DJ alternative that brings karaoke, professional sound, music, and fun to your event for as low as $99!

MiniDJ Features

MiniDJ isn't a typical portable rental system. We've packed tons of amazing features into MiniDJ to make it super simple to use, but also incredibly powerful.

DJ Playlists

Being a great DJ means picking the right song at the right time. With MiniDJ, great song selection is built-in! Our professional DJs have designed tons of great playlists to keep your event rocking! Love ’80’s music? No problem! Just fire up a playlist and you’ll be dancing all night long! Classy dinner music? Yep, we’ve got that too.

Fast, Simple Setup

If you're setting up MiniDJ yourself, you're in luck! We've engineered MiniDJ to be incredibly simple and quick to set up for anyone. Setup is as simple as connecting the MiniDJ console to power and then connecting a cable to the speakers. That's it. It's truly plug and play. If that's still not simple enough for you, we also offer delivery and setup to many areas!

Dance Lighting

Do you want to kick your event up a notch and add some dance lighting? No problem! We offer an optional lighting package that adds that extra color and action your party! Our intelligent computer controlled lighting includes a combination of wash and action lighting. Of course, we keep it affordable and simple to setup!


Skip renting the tiny toy karaoke machine or paying hundreds for a professional KJ. MiniDJ includes thousands of new and popular classic songs with built-in karaoke lyrics displayed automatically on the massive MiniDJ touchscreen! Plus, MiniDJ includes two pro wireless mics and amazing sound to make (almost) every singer sound great!

Pro Audio

With 20 years of DJ and audio production experience, we know pro audio. That's why we've selected only the best components for MiniDJ. Great sound is essential, so every MiniDJ comes complete with professional high definition speakers and top quality digital audio components for outstanding sound and reliability. Simply put, you can turn it up loud and it'll sound great!

Inputs, Check

Do you have that ultimate Pandora dance party playlist on your phone? Maybe that special song or mix on your laptop? You don't need to beg the DJ to plug in, the MiniDJ system comes with super easy to use inputs and Bluetooth for all of your devices. Just plug your own phone, laptop, or tablet with no technical know-how needed! You can use our music, your music, or both…it's that simple!

Tons of Music

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or you need a little help with your song selection, MiniDJ has you covered. In addition to dozens of DJ created playlists, we include over 30,000 songs built-in to MiniDJ. A simple search for your favorite artist or song and a tap on the screen lets you build your own custom playlist on the fly without ever stopping the music.

Super Simple

The real key to MiniDJ is we've engineered it to be incredibly simple for everyone. From our custom machined enclosure to our custom designed software, MiniDJ is so simple and powerful, anyone can use it! No confusing knobs, buttons, or faders, just a full touch interface on our giant touch screen.

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