MiniDJ Features


mic Built-In Karaoke

Karaoke is a feature that may cost hundreds extra, but not here! Every MiniDJ system comes with thousands of karaoke songs at no extra charge! MiniDJ includes two pro wireless mics, a built-in iPad for song lyrics, and tons of karaoke favorites—it's everything you need for an evening of karaoke-filled fun! Plus, our professional sound and built-in effects makes (almost) every singer sound great! When you book a MiniDJ system for your next event, you’ll be the star of the show no matter what your singing voice sounds like!

queue_music DJ Curated Playlists

Being a great DJ means picking the right song at the right time. With MiniDJ, great song selection is built-in! Using more than 20 years of professional DJ experience, our DJs have designed tons of great playlists to keep your event rocking! Love ’80’s music? No problem! Just fire up a playlist and you’ll be dancing all night long! Classy dinner music? Yep, we’ve got that too. Just select a playlist and enjoy the perfect mix of music for your event!

volume_up Professional Audio Equipment

One of the most challenging aspects of DJing your own event is getting the right equipment. While your home stereo system might be a top-of-the-line unit that sounds great in your house, home audio equipment is just that—designed for your home. On the other hand, professional audio equipment is designed to sound great in a many different environments and withstand the rigors that come from being transported to and from events. The MiniDJ system is real professional DJ equipment custom designed to be easy to operate for even the least tech-savvy.

With 20 years of professional mobile DJ and event production experience allows us to select the best pro-audio gear for every MiniDJ system. Great sound is key to a great event, so every MiniDJ system starts with powerful, high-definition speakers that are compact enough to fit in any vehicle and easy to setup! Play and mix your music via the custom-built MiniDJ console driven by an Apple iPad (pre-loaded with music and playlists), a high-quality digital DJ mixer, and top-of-the-line digital amplifiers. Of course, you’ll probably want a microphone to raise a toast to the guests of honor (or belt out some karaoke) so we’ve included not one, but two professional wireless microphones!

settings_input_component Bring Your Own Device

Do you have that ultimate Pandora dance party playlist on your phone? Maybe that special song or mix on your laptop? You don't need to beg the DJ to plug in, the MiniDJ system comes with super easy to use inputs for all of your devices. Just plug your own phone, laptop, or tablet with no technical know-how needed! Of course, since MiniDJ comes pre-loaded with thousands of songs, tons of playlists, and professional DJ mixes, using your own device certainly isn't required for a great time. We give you that option to use our music, your music, or both…it's that simple!

album Professional DJ Mixes

In addition to the thousands of built-in songs, our professional DJs have recorded a selection of amazing DJ mixes. That means you can either pick a playlist or choose from a variety of hour long mixes recorded by experienced professional DJs in various formats—from oldies to current radio hits and everything in between. It's a feature you won't find anywhere else!

library_music Built-In Music

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or you need a little help with your song selection, MiniDJ has you covered. Every MiniDJ system comes with thousands of songs built-in! From oldies to current radio hits and everything in between, the MiniDJ system has your favorite music. The MiniDJ song library is updated regularly so you’ll have the latest hits for your event. And most importantly, the MiniDJ system includes the songs that will keep your crowd dancing!

offline_bolt Super Easy Setup

The real key to MiniDJ is we've engineered it to be incredibly simple for everyone. Setup is as simple as connecting the MiniDJ console to power (that’s one cord) and connecting the MiniDJ console to the speakers (just two more cables, one per speaker). There are no complicated connections to make, it really is as simple as plug-and-play. If that's still not simple enough for you, we also offer delivery and setup for one low rate! With MiniDJ, it’s easy to DJ your own event and sound great with high-end, professional equipment!

wb_sunny Party Lighting (Optional)

Do you want to kick your event up a notch and add some dance lighting? No problem! We offer an optional lighting package that adds that extra color and action your dance floor needs. Of course, we keep it affordable and it only adds a few minutes to setup since it integrates in to the main MiniDJ system. Just reserve a system now to check availability and pricing for the lighting add-on.