Weddings, parties, and special events all need entertainment. But who wants to pay hundreds, even thousands for a DJ? MiniDJ is the easy, professional DJ alternative that brings karaoke, professional sound, music, and fun to your event for as low as $99!

Mobile DJ vs. MiniDJ?

We get it, when you're having a party, wedding, or dance, you assume "we need a DJ." Sure, that might be true for some events, but often times MiniDJ is a better fit, more fun, and saves you hundreds (or thousands)! Well, there's only one way to find out what's the best choice for your event...

Let's Compare!


Mobile DJ

Pricing & Budget


From $99

Affordable pricing for all budgets.

Unlimited use

Don't pay extra for more fun!

All day, one rate

Rental includes up to 24 hours.

Mobile DJ


Premium pricing for big budget events.

Limited time

Book in limited time blocks.

Pay hourly

Or pay $1500+ for "unlimited" packages.

Music Selection


You're in control

You pick what you do and don't hear.

Unlimited requests

Don't beg a DJ to play your request!

Play your music

Yep, you can play that song on your phone!

Mobile DJ

DJ decides

The DJ controls what music you hear.

Requests? 🤷‍♀️

Maybe you'll hear your request, maybe not.

No inputs

Connect your phone? Probably not.



Pro equipment

High-quality pro audio equipment.

Wireless mics

Two wireless mics for you to use!

Great sound

Perfect for weddings, parties, and events!

Mobile DJ

A mixed bag

Quality equipment = high priced DJs.

DJ's mic

Mics for you to use? Maybe, maybe not.

Costly quality

You'll pay a premium for quality sound.



Free karaoke

Karaoke lyrics are built-in to MiniDJ!

Real music

Lyrics for real songs, not karaoke remakes.

Unlimited fun

Karaoke a little, or a lot, it's all included!

New & classics

Karaoke for classics and the newest hits.

Mobile DJ

Karaoke, maybe

Many DJs don't even offer karaoke.

Old school

Karaoke remakes for karaoke pros.

Extra cost

Most DJs charge (a lot) extra for karaoke.

Less new hits

More karaoke classics, less popular hits.



DJ mixes

Professional DJ mixes included.

DJ playlists

40+ playlists created by top event DJs

Pro designed

Designed by veteran event DJs.

Mobile DJ

Most don't mix

Most mobile DJs just press play.


Experienced DJs are pricey, and rare.

The cheesy DJ

Do you want "that guy" at your event?

When to get a DJ

MiniDJ is a great fit for many events, but there are certainly times when a DJ or production company is a better choice. However, if MiniDJ isn't the right fit, then keep in mind that a budget DJ likely won't be either. If the following apply to your event, then you'll want to budget for a premium, professional DJ which typically start at $1500-2500.

Large events with hundreds of guests.
Large venues requiring multiple speakers for complete sound coverage.
Events requiring skilled DJs that can mix live (e.g. high school prom).
Events requiring lighting design and production.
Events requiring a very large sound system with a lot of bass.
Weddings requiring extensive planning and custom coordination.
Custom video, sound, or lighting production.