Weddings, parties, and special events all need entertainment. But who wants to pay hundreds, even thousands for a DJ? MiniDJ is the easy, professional DJ alternative that brings karaoke, professional sound, music, and fun delivered to your event for as low as $299!


DIY DJ In Sioux City

Wedding, birthday party, graduation party or just a backyard bash—no matter what type of event you're planning, you need great entertainment! MiniDJ has just the solution with great music, amazing sound, and tons of fun delivered directly to your event! If you're looking for a DJ in the Davenport area, give MiniDJ a try and be your own DJ!

Book MiniDJ as low as



The cities listed above typically include FREE delivery, setup, and pickup. If your city is a small suburb or town, it may not be listed, but may still qualify for free delivery. Additionally, we may offer extended delivery to other locations for a small additional fee, which is typically $50 or less.


If delivery is not available to your area, no problem! Many of our customers opt to pickup the system at one of our locations. Pickups include a full 24 hour rental, so you can grab it in the morning of your event and return it the following day! Setup is super simple and the system is very compact.


We're constantly expanding to new locations, so contact us if you're event is still a ways off and maybe we'll be in the area soon! Or, we may have other creative options available as well to help you get MiniDJ at your event. You can reach us by phone at (515) 666-4444, live chat, or send us a message.